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Whisper: Jiyoung Chung’s Joomchi at MCBA

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Today I am at MCBA looking at paper art by Jiyoung Chung. It is richly textured through a process of folding and wetting. There are also holes in it that remind me of holes stretching in worn out clothing.

This is a detail of “Whisper-Romance II-VIII – Walking with You” It also has a strip of bright orange paper between the layers:

A view of another part of the exhibit:

I would like to learn Joomchi, the technique she’s using, and talk to her more about her intentions.

Jil Evans at Form and Content and me at Living Green

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

This past weekend I enjoyed two art exhibits:
On Friday, I went to Jil Evans’ opening at Form and Content gallery. Her paintings are beautiful.
On Saturday, I went to see the art show at the Living Green expo.

20110510-120141.jpg this video by Kate Casanova showed hermit crabs exploring a person’s head, and the photograph had mushrooms growing out of a chair. I have been interested in her work since I first saw it at MCAD.
I also liked the basket-like hanging nests by Sean Connaughty. There was one just around the corner from my work:

And here’s what it looked like inside, big enough to crawl into though the signs asked us not to: