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Repairing Clod

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Preparing to install work in a show at the Living Green Expo this weekend. I noticed that Clod: A Book of Soil was a little fragile. I found some extra spun paper thread roots and am adding them in to reinforce the structure of the book.

It is fun to be working on it again, rediscovering the worms hidden in the pages.


Teaching Drawing

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Final drawing series by Andrew Kuhrmeyer

I’m a couple of months late in posting this, but I wanted to mention here my experience of teaching Drawing at Bethel University in January. I was happy to get this opportunity to teach at the school where I went to college. My students came from many different majors and very little art background. We focused on observational drawing from still life objects. Between in-class drawing and homework, the students drew for several hours a day for three and a half weeks, and the practice paid off with noticeable improvements in students’ ability to draw what they could see. The final project was a series of three drawings. The students chose subjects that were meaningful to them, such as musical instruments or sports gear.

Final drawing series by Jordan Gardner

Self as rabbit

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I don’t have any new images to show progress on my apple tree print. The next image I post will probably be when I’ve actually picked out a piece of wood and transferred my drawing. But I’ve still been thinking about it. Jen and Tom’s comments helped me to think about some connected issues. Tom’s comment, “It is funny that you are casting the animals and people in these roles when people are destroying so many habitats,” made me think that maybe what I see as the rabbit’s short-term and self-focused thinking could be a metaphor for what people so often do.

The rabbit (or rabbits) didn’t think, “If I just eat from the branches of the tree then it can live to feed me and others for many more years.” It ate the bark on the trunk that it could reach, and was so hungry it ate it down to the dead wood completely in a circle all around the tree, so that there would be no way for the tree’s roots and branches to exchange water and nutrients this spring. It killed the tree, the bees’ hopes for spring flowers, our hopes for summer apples, and its own or other rabbits’ chances at nibbling some more yummy bark next winter. How many times do we as humans do the same thing, taking something for our own immediate need and convenience, forgetting that we share the same resources with many other people and creatures and with our own future selves and children? Many times we could choose differently, and meet our needs in a way that leaves the “apple tree” intact enough to grow. But it is true that simply by taking up space we do limit the space for others.

Because I have a lot on my mind and taking up time right now, I’ve decided that the simplest presentation of the apple tree, derived from my original sketch, will be my print. I think the rabbit will only be present as bite marks and scat.