Process, inspiration, and connections

Why blog?

  • To share and stimulate my artistic process
  • To post and discuss images of inspiration, materials, sketches, carved blocks, test prints, and finished work
  • To make connections: between art and life and between making art and teaching art.
  • To announce upcoming exhibitions and classes.
Knitting Her Fear

Knitting Her Fear, 2005, 20x15”, water-based woodcut

This print I made several years ago continues to evoke aspects of my inspiration and process. The red wriggler worms I used for composting were my collaborators in recycling waste, and my guides as I thought about creativity and natural cycles.

As she patiently charms the worms into a knitted garment, this character embodies a willingness to make her art and her life dependent on the repetitive tending of the lowliest organisms. She quietly delights in the surprise and disgust of those who smile or grimace at the idea of knitting slimy worms.

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