Mind map for canning jar lid monotypes

I’m preparing to teach three summer classes: Art Education in a Web 2.0 World, A Space of Possibility: Visual Journals, and Collaborative Printmaking: A Press-Free Approach.

I have some ideas to make my work for the fall faculty show line up with the summer classes. In Collaborative Printmaking we’re doing watercolor monotype, so the media I’ve chosen of monotypes using canning jar lids will align with what I’m teaching there. Here are my most recent unprinted plates:


For the other two classes, students must choose a theme or focus to work within, and in Visual Journals they do a mind map to brainstorm their theme. Here’s my mind map:


I’m still somewhat undecided about whether to focus on portraits of my son (which fits with where my mind and eyes are anyway) or little studies from soil (which fits better with my past work). Both of them could work with the idea of processing and preserving (canning lids) memories and observations of someone or something living and changing.


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