New Project: a print exchange book with 29 participants!

I’m excited to announce a new project, a print exchange book on the theme of women’s relationships to the cycles of the moon that I’ve been dreaming about since the idea came to me in the middle of the night many months ago. Now, it’s beginning to have some reality and momentum as I’ve invited participants and have finalized the list.

“Lunation: 29 days of darkness and light” will be a book about the relationship between humans and the cosmos with a focus on what it means to be female and experience the rhythm of the lunar cycle. Participants will consider the amount of illumination visible during a particular day of the lunation and roughly translate that relationship of light and dark value into their print. Ideally, the book will have a flow from mostly darkness to mostly light and then back to mostly darkness again, giving unity to the diverse ways that each of the participants interprets the theme of the book.

Participants may consider these themes as possible inspiration for their prints: cycles of life and creativity such as menstruation, ovulation, fertility, motherhood, and menopause as well as how these physical experiences inform our understanding of dark and light, growth and loss, fluids and tides, mystery and dreams, mortality and the cyclical passing of time.

Originally I was hoping for 28 participants, one for each day of the lunar cycle, but I learned that the lunar cycle varies, and on average it is 29.5 days. So this list has 29 participants. The percentage of illumination they are asked to roughly translate is next to their name. I’m so honored to be working with this group of women, and I hope to learn from their wisdom, diversity, and experience as we put this book together.

1. 0-1% Angela Hed
2. 1-3% Sonja Olson

waxing crescent
3. 3-8% Erin Maurelli
4. 8-15% Beth Dorsey
5. 15-23% Barb Gibson
6. 23-33% Sara R. Parr
7. 33-43% Olga S. Ricalde Moreno

first quarter
8. 44-53% Allison Bolah

waxing gibbous
9. 56-62% AnaLaura Juarez
10. 67-75% Betsy Byers
11. 77-84% Raychel Steinbach
12. 86-91% Anna Boyer
13. 93-96% Lynda Monick-Isenberg
14. 98-99% Holly Rios

15. 99-100% Hend Al-Mansour
16. 99-100% Rebecca Alm

waning gibbous
17. 95-99% A.K. Vincent
18. 90-96% Mary Leikvold
19. 83-91% Diana Eicher
20. 75-84% Laura Brown
21. 67-75% Monica Edwards-Larson
22. 57-65% Carol Inderieden

third quarter
23. 48-54% Jennifer Hibbard

waning crescent
24. 39-43% Pat Benincasa
25. 29-32% CB Sherlock
26. 21-23% Bridget O’Malley
27. 13-15% Abbi Allan
28. 6-9% Caitlin Warner
29. 2-4% Emily Hoisington

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