Parking Lot Snow Mountain

I have finished my most recent print “Parking Lot Snow Mountain”

In true print-at-home-DIY-mama fashion, I laid them out on my son’s giant drawing paper on the living room rug for curating the edition:


living room rug print curating

And here’s the final print. 6 colors from 2 blocks, all but the orange printed as a reduction cut.

Parking Lot Snow Mountain

Before I carved away the 2nd to last layer on the reduction block, I printed a few extra in plain gray, as a simpler variation. This one has just two reduction layers, the gray and black, printed from one block, and the orange printed from the second block:

IParking Lot Snow Mountain (orange and gray)


These prints are 5×7″ on 6×8″ paper and are for sale, contact me at artist (at) emilyckhoisington (dot) com if you’re interested. I’m also thinking of making one print this size per season (this one would be winter 2013), so if anyone would be interested in a “CSA” model of buying a whole year’s seasonal prints in advance, let me know!

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