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His Roots version two

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I made a new version of His Roots this week, adding more blue gradation in the background and a pink gradation in the placenta.

His Roots version two

His Roots

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

So, now it’s been two months since I posted that I would be back to updating this blog regularly, feeding the creative process. I finished the print “His Roots” a long time ago, and am happy with it. It is in a print portfolio that will have a show sometime next year. In order to keep making work, I think I need to commit to participating in at least two print portfolios per year after this.

I am satisfied with being a mother and being a teacher. My students at MCAD are now working on their final projects, printed books. My son is crawling. I get so much satisfaction from facilitating and observing other people’s learning, making and becoming. The question for this blog is how to facilitate my own learning and making. Part of it is a matter of time management. It’s hard to focus on making art when I am hungry and need to wash dishes in order to make food. Part of it is also a matter of motivation. Seeing my students or my son interact with me and the world motivates me to invest more time in watching them and helping them. In order for my art to motivate me to spend more time with it, I have to spend time looking at what I’ve made before and remembering why I made it. Also, in the midst of the clutter of a house that seems to be impossible to baby-proof, it’s difficult to be motivated to make more physical objects. So, perhaps I need to find ways to work that are more ephemeral, more recyclable? Or to tap into the motivation I get from working with other people and find ways to work that are more collaborative?

Back to making work, back to blog

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

It has been 4 months since my baby was born. I’ve been busy balancing teaching with taking care of my son. Recently, I’ve been adding in some printmaking. I’m returning to my goal of updating this blog weekly to keep me making artwork and doing other things that keep the creative process moving.

In June I started carving a woodblock print based on pictures of my son’s placenta. I am calling it “His Roots.” I’ve recently been working on printing it and will post pictures of that soon. Here is a picture of the initial carving in progress: