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“Diggers” print complete!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Come see my recent work at the MCAD faculty show August 24-September 16.


“Diggers” 2012 watercolor monotype and woodcut

“Digger drawings” (not pictured) 2012 process book with woodcut, monotype, crayon and pencil drawings

This print and process book are the results of my summer investigation into diggers, the movers and shapers of the earth in my neighborhood. Some diggers are large and loud, they are the construction machines that are building the new central corridor light rail line on University Avenue near my home. Some diggers are small and quiet, they are the ants and sow bugs, earthworms and millipedes that turn and renew the soil in my backyard.

In this print, I have distorted scale in order to make the small diggers and large diggers the same size and importance. These diggers create the infrastructure of my city and the structure of the soil, both profoundly shaping the way I live in this place.

The process book contains a summer’s worth of drawing on location with my two-year-old son as I researched and gathered imagery for the print. Some drawings in the book are his and some are mine, but most contain marks made by both of us as we tried to capture the quick movements of the industrious diggers.


Lid monotypes return

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

The “digger” prints I made yesterday didn’t quite turn out how I wanted them, so I am making more today. I just painted four tiny monotypes of the central area of the Twin Cities showing the central corridor light rail route. I tried to get the grid of city streets slightly more accurate than the ones I did yesterday, but there’s still plenty of distortion. I wonder if I will start mixing up east and west since I have been making mirror image maps for printing!


Lid monotypes gathered

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I didn’t quite fulfill my original goal of making one monotype a day this summer, but I did make a handful. I put most of them up on a bulletin board to look at them. Next steps are to choose the 12, or maybe just 9, I want to put in the faculty exhibition, and decide how to present them.


Canning jar lid monotypes

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

A friend of mine came over a couple of weeks ago to experiment with watercolor monotypes. I have usually used frosted Mylar such as Duralar as a plate for watercolor monotypes, but this time I decided to try a different plate: a canning jar lid.

First, I coated the lids with dishsoap as a release agent.

After the soap dried, I painted with watercolor.

After the paint was dry, I printed on damp paper to transfer the image.

The paper in the lower left was a drawing paper my friend brought; we think it may have been canson bright edition. It worked well but some of the detail of the print was lost in the texture of the paper. The other paper is from a roll of sumi art paper by Yasutomo, it was smooth and the detail transferred well but it was a little fragile. The top print tore as I was pressing it. I used a metal spoon for pressing and a piece of kitchen parchment to help the spoon glide over the damp paper.