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Canning jar lid monotypes

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

A friend of mine came over a couple of weeks ago to experiment with watercolor monotypes. I have usually used frosted Mylar such as Duralar as a plate for watercolor monotypes, but this time I decided to try a different plate: a canning jar lid.

First, I coated the lids with dishsoap as a release agent.

After the soap dried, I painted with watercolor.

After the paint was dry, I printed on damp paper to transfer the image.

The paper in the lower left was a drawing paper my friend brought; we think it may have been canson bright edition. It worked well but some of the detail of the print was lost in the texture of the paper. The other paper is from a roll of sumi art paper by Yasutomo, it was smooth and the detail transferred well but it was a little fragile. The top print tore as I was pressing it. I used a metal spoon for pressing and a piece of kitchen parchment to help the spoon glide over the damp paper.